About WeatherAlerts

This python module started as part of another project of mine. But since it is is more useful as a standalone module, I’ve decided to move it to it’s own project and open source it.

Since this project gets it’s data from the National Weather Service XML/CAP feed, it’s free and straight from the source. Other library’s I’ve seen (or written) get data from 3rd parties that require an API key which in many cases requires a subscription or imposes use restrictions.

This code is provided under LGPLv3 as of version 0.5.x (see LICENSE.txt). If you do make improvements, please contribute back to this project. You can submit a git pull request or email me: zeb@zebpalmer.com

This project lives at github.com/zebpalmer/WeatherAlerts


You can download and install the current stable version via PIP by runing: pip install -U weatheralerts

Alternativly you can download and install directly from the source code on github.

Bugs & Feature Requests

When you find one, please report it in the issue tracker


Use cases that I am considering in the development of WeatherAlerts.

  • Simple command line tool for checking active, local alerts.
  • Packaged module to call from other programs
  • Daemon to run and notify alerts as they come in
  • Nagios monitoring pluging
  • A web service that given various paramaters will return json or raw text summaries of the requested data.
  • Would love to see someone write a KDE plasmoid/widget that would pop up alerts


This progam is maintained by Zeb Palmer, a Linux Systems Engineer and Professional Photographer who writes a bit of python at work and play. Circle me on Google Plus zebpalmer.com/+ and see my other work at ZebPalmer.com


There are several ways you can contact me or otherwise get help beyond the documentation.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests
Please submit via the projects issue tracker on github https://github.com/zebpalmer/WeatherAlerts/issues
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